Nevada Test Site

Wondering where you can see blast craters from Nuclear Bomb Testing, tour a Nuclear Waste site, learn more about the United States Atomic Bomb program, and lots more all in one day and for free?  That’d be the Nevada National Security Site and they run a tour every month, departing from the National Atomic Testing Museum.

Find out more and book a tour by visiting the Nevada National Security Site website.



Note: As we weren’t allowed to take photo’s at the Nevada Test Site all photos in this page are courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Field Office.


  1. When are the tours scheduled for October 2014? I can’t find any info about these tours on the related website. Thank you.

    1. It looks like they’ve changed the link again. I’ve updated our site and just checked for you however the tours are fully booked until 2015. You can find out more on this link.

  2. I’m interested in touring the Test site if possible in January 2015. My friend and I will likely be heading to Las Vegas towards the end of that month. Would you please advise me of the tour schedule for that time period and the procedures that we will need to follow to apply to tour the site? Thank you!

  3. Actually please disregard – your link in the previous person’s response email provided me with the info required. Thanks!

  4. Ok – I do require clarification – I’m a Canadian Citizen and who will be touring the area and have been wanting to tour the site for some time now. Is this possible?

  5. I live in Pahrump and would like to drive out to see this crater and learn more. Is it possible to just drive there?

  6. Hi Simon,
    Wondering – are these tours still running. I can’t seem to find any current info or working links tours at DOE.

  7. I live in Phoenix, and worked at the Portsmouth, Oh. area Gaseous Diffusion Plant in the 1970’s. I had a “Q” Level DOE Security Clearance while working there, that has long since expired. Looks like you are booked for 2017, I’ll look at the 2018 schedule when released. Interested not only in the tour, but anxious to speak with any DOE Officials about my time at the “A-Plant.”

  8. Hi Simon,

    I tried to access the link you provided to Charlotte but I’m unable to clink on the actual “NNSS Site Tours” link. Are they still running?

    Thank you!

  9. Hi Simon,
    It seems as though the link has once again changed, or the tours are no longer offered.
    I can’t seem to find the link anywhere.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Hi there

    Unfortunately, the link you have provided for the tour, is not working or perhaps, only available for users in the states.

  11. This crater is a perfect spot for a group photo, yet no one is allowed a phone or camera to take said group photo…….

    1. I didn’t find out until I was there but it is possible to arrange for one of their staff to take the photo for you, however it needs to be agreed with them when booking the tour.

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